Jurassic Park (Novel)

Cover page of harback edition

Jurassic Park is a novel authored by Michael Crichton


The book begins with a young American girl and her family traveling to a beach in Costa Rica, more specifically, Isla Nublar, the setting. They set up at an abandoned beach, and the girl wanders off to the edge of the the beach. She is watching the waves when she is attacked by a compy. She is taken to the hospital, where she later recovers. She shows a drawing of the compy to Dr. Marty Guitierrez, who later concludes it is a genetically deformed basilisk lizard with three-toed feet like that of birds. Guitierrez later ships it to a genetics lab in Colombia, where one of the scientists says it's a dinosaur, but this theory is immediatly dismissed. Meanwhile elsewhere, paleontologist Alan Grant and his paleobotany graduate student have just discovered the jawbone of a baby Hadrosaurus, when they recieve a call from the Colombia lab, and later an X-Ray of the compy, which the two identify as Procompsognathus triassicus.

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