1033396316 m
length 43 feet
weight 6 tons
range Isla Sorna
novel none
films Jurassic Park lll
diet Carnivore
height 16-20 feet

Spinosarus was the biggest theropod that ever lived. The spinosarus was the main villain in Jurassic Park lll.

It first makes an appearance when the plane lands on Isla Sorna. Nash quickly leaves Cooper behind, then begs the plane to stop. the spinosaurus runs out of the forest, grabbing Cooper & killing him. After the plane crashes into the forest the spino rips the front of the plane off & drags Nash out by his legs, then drops him onto the forest floor. Nash then tries to crawl away but the spino pins him down & kills him. Later the Spinosaurus makes another appearance when Eric & Dr. Grant are at the fence after they meet up with Eric's parents. They hear the phone that the spino ate after eating Nash. They turn around seeing the spino; they run making it through a opening in the fence. The last appearance it makes is when everyone is on the boat. It comes out of the water attacking the boat. Then Dr. Grant scares it away with a flare gun.